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Quality craftsmanship is the signature of genuine Helo electric sauna heaters.  A fusion of tradition and modern technology that offers trouble free performance in a range of aesthetically striking designs.

You can choose from a wide range of models, there is an option for every taste and sauna room, each offering an unique expression of the genuine sauna experience.

Residential SAUNA Heaters

Ringo Black
Helo Sauna Heater Ringo Black Model

Ringo Black

This is a handsome new sauna heater from Helo – high quality with a modest price tag. The Ringo Black heaters are designed for true sauna lovers, floor standing heater with adjustable feet and a bracket to secure it to the wall, or nearby bench for strong stability.
The operation is controlled with built-in thermostat and timer at the base of the unit.
The timer has a 3 hour operational time and 9 hour preset function.
The Ringo Black sauna heater can be connected in either single or three phase power for continuous pleasure.

Sizes and Types of Helo Ringo Model Sauna Heaters
Helo Sauna Heater Himalaya Model


Home of Snow” is the native name of the legendary mountain range Himalaya.
Helo’s Himalaya sauna heater conceals a water container featuring ingenious water technology that gets to work right away as the heater is warming the room.

By adding aromatic scents into the water container you’ll feel like you are immersed in natural springs and the scents of the magical mountains of Himalaya, for ultimate sauna experience.

With Himalaya, even milder sauna temperatures of just 65-70 degrees Celsius are highly enjoyable and relaxing, perfect for tender skins of children as well. The 100kg of sauna rocks reacts well to adjustments of increased temperature and will provide great soft steam when water is ladled onto the rock mass.

The Himalaya sauna heaters requires a three phase power connection, but the 70DES can be connected on a single phase circuit if three phase is not available.
Himalaya heaters are controlled using Helo’s Midi control panel. This stylish slimline control panel can be installed inside the sauna room for easy access.

Sizes and Types of Helo Himalaya Model Sauna Heaters
Ring Wall
Helo Ring Wall Sauna Heater

Ring Wall

The Ring Wall is an excellent choice for everyone who appreciates practicality, classy design and soft, pleasant steam of a natural stone heater well suited to family saunas.
Despite its large 37kg rock capacity the heater is still a space saver being a wall mount unit.
The Ring Wall stands out thanks to its open design, with irregular natural rocks and the geometric brushed steel housing complementing each other beautifully.
The Ring Wall sauna heater can be connected in either single or three phase power.

Sizes and Types of Helo Ring Wall Model Sauna Heaters
Helo Sauna Heater Vienna Model


The Vienna is a traditional, classic sauna heater suited for residential saunas ranging between 3 -12m3 volume.
A wall mounted unit with the brackets fixed to the back of the heater allows for easy installation on the selected wall of the sauna.
The built-in controls on the side of the unit can easily be swapped from the left to the right as required for your installation. There is a thermostat to control the temperature and the timer which has 3 hours operational mode with a 9 hour pre-set function.
The heater has the option of using either 12 or 20kgs of sauna rocks which is determined by an adjustable rock tray inside the body of the unit.
The Vienna sauna heater can be connected in either single or three phase power.

Sizes and Types of Helo Vienna Model Sauna Heaters
Fonda Duo
Helo Sauna Heater Fonda Duo Model

Fonda Duo

Traditional hot heat or softer steamy sauna climates? Now you can have both depending on your mood. Fonda Duo is a combination sauna/steam unit that can operate as a traditional sauna heater one day, and a mild steamy sauna the next.
With the modern T2 digital control panel you can simply adjust the amount of humidity that you want in the sauna from the 2.0kW steam tank built-in the back of the Fonda Duo. When operating in combination mode the humidity levels can be 40 – 50 % higher compared to a normal sauna, but at the same time with the increased humidity you also need to lower the heat.
The Fonda Duo sauna heater can be connected in either single or three phase power.

Sizes and Types of Helo Fonda Duo Model Sauna Heaters

Sauna Control Panels

Helo Digi II Sauna Control Panel


The Digi II control panel gives you the maximum flexibility in sauna controls. The 4 programmable buttons allow for easy 1 press sauna operation with various run times and temperature settings, perfect for gymnasiums with different operating hours for days of the week and families where each member can have their favourite saved setting.
The LCD screen provides information about duration, set temperature and actual room temperature

Helo T2 Sauna Touch Control Unit


A modern new touch control panel to operate your sauna heater.
The panel features easy control of temperature plus the ability to pre-program your sauna 23 hours in advance. Other settings options include Fahrenheit/Celsius, 12h/24h format and multiple language.
Size: 80 x 140 x 22mm

Helo Easy Sauna Control Panel


The Easy control panel has a fixed heating time between 2 to 6 hours with a 5 step + and – temperature adjustment.
The control panel simple and easy to use, ideal for use in hotels and apartment buildings.
Size: 70 x 70 x 30mm

Helo Midi Sauna Control Unit


The Helo Midi control unit offer the extra convenience of being installed inside the sauna room. Preset time 0-23 hours and a heating time of 0-6 hours. The display show both set temperature and the actual room temperature.
Available in two colour frames; White and Chrome
Size: 56 x 186 x 15mm

Commercial sauna heaters

Helo SKLE Commercial Sauna Heater


Freestanding floor model sauna heater which has been the industry standard for more than 25 years. Designed for large, commercial sized sauna rooms with the use of a separate control panel.
A soft even heat from the 60kgs rock mass will provide great enjoyment to your customers
The SKLE sauna heaters require three phase power

Sizes and Types of Helo SKLE Model Sauna Heaters
Helo Sauna Heater LAAVA Model


With its graphite grey outer casing and slim line vented slots at the top of the case, the LAAVA sauna heater brings elegance to your commercial sauna.
The LAAVA heater is a floor model unit that requires the use of a separate control panel.
Guests enjoy the heat and steam from the 60kg rock mass.
The LAAVA sauna heaters require three phase power.

Sizes and Types of Helo LAAVA Model Sauna Heaters
Saga Electro
AliveHelo Sauna Heater Saga Electro Model

Saga electro

The Saga Electro is a spectacular new heater for large residential saunas or for commercial use in hotels, health clubs, wellness centres and day spas.
Saga Electro is an eye catcher from any angle. It creates a mesmerising centrepiece for your sauna interior or place the free standing heater next to a glass wall for a the clean open layout to your sauna .
The stylish steel casing holds an impressive 200kg of sauna rocks that radiate a rich smooth heat in every direction. Due to the massive amount of rocks and the open design, the heater creates an incredibly enjoyable steam experience at a comfortable sauna temperature.
The Saga Electro heater requires the use a of separate control panel.
Saga Electro sauna heaters require three phase power

Sizes and Types of Helo Saga Electro Model Sauna Heaters

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