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The Ringo Black made in Finland by Helo is a modern tower style heater made for home saunas ranging between 5 to 13m3 in volume.

Hexagon cut-outs around the black body, expose a massive 70kgs of sauna rocks and allow heated air to be pushed evenly in all directions for efficient warming up of your sauna.

Darren G – Geelong Vic.  I recently upgraded my sauna heater at home to the Ringo Black and I simply love it. Even though it has 3 times more rocks than my previous heater it heats up in the same time of around 35 minutes.  I now think I have the best sauna in town

The large mass of sauna rocks results in a soft and gentle heat for your sauna.  Generate heaps of extra humidity by throwing water onto the hot rocks to create your ultimate sauna environment.Sauna with Ringo Black

From early 2017 you will also be able to buy this heater with BWT (Bio Water Technique) custom made water container designed to fit in between the heating elements and rocks.  The BWT technology will allow higher levels of humidity not previously possible in a sauna by the amount and frequency of added water.

Made as a 6.0kW or 8.0kW unit and standing 750mm tall the heater is fixed to a wall or bench with a provided bracket to prevent it from falling over.

The built-in controls at the base of the unit let you regulate the sauna temperature and set the operational or pre-set start time.  The analogue controls are very simple to use and provide many years of trouble free operation.

If your looking to buy a sauna heater for your home use and want something better than a basic unit, the Ringo Black will be a great option.

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