DIY Sauna Kits

For the builder or handyman wanting to tackle the enjoyment
of building their own sauna we can provide a DIY Sauna kit to
ensure your project will be success.

If you have the ability to build timber stud walls and hang a door – you’ll have enough
skills to build a good sauna with one of our DIY Sauna Kits.

Interior of a Sauna with Timber Finish

DIY Sauna Kits

Each one of our DIY Sauna kits is prepared to your exact specifications. We will discuss the details of your project and then provide a written quote to include all the sauna specific materials that are required.
Each DIY Sauna kit comes with construction guidelines and pictures of the steps required to build the sauna in a true authentic Finnish way. We also offer telephone back support if you need to discuss any stage of the sauna construction process.
For an additional fee we will also provide architectural drawings and/or on-site consulting.

We regularly sell DIY Sauna Kits to clients in Sydney, Brisbane,
Adelaide, Tasmania, Perth and overseas where it may not be
feasible to send our teams of sauna specialists
to build your sauna.

A Typical DIY Sauna Kit includes:

Items which would still be required to complete your sauna project are all available from major hardware stores and timber yards.

These items include:  Timber Frame, Insulation, Aluminium foil, Timber battens and Fixings.

  • Timber lining boards for walls and ceiling
  • Internal corner trims
  • Bench Planks and support cleats
  • Helo Sauna Heater
  • Sauna Lighting
  • Sauna Bucket, Ladle and Thermometer
  • Sauna construction guidelines and pictures
  • Telephone back up support

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