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Ceramic Steam Bath

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Steam bathing has been around for thousands of years in many variations. Steam Rooms can be referred to by several different names depending on who you talk to; Turkish Baths, Roman Bath, Hammam or Russian Banya.
For those that don’t enjoy the hotter temperatures of a traditional Finnish sauna, steam rooms are the perfect option to relax, unwind and soothes your aches and pains.
Every custom built steam room is designed to work with the space available, your design intent and budget.
Unlike traditional Finnish saunas which have a timber interior, steam rooms are finished as a complete wet room, since they operate at 100% humidity with an average temperature around 42 oC.

Here is a list of some basic guidelines to consider for your steam room project

  • The steam generator is placed outside the steam room, ideally within 5 metres. An insulated copper steam line is then used to connect to two nozzles inside the steam room. Steam nozzles are generally placed about 250-300mm off the floor.
  • The steam generator also needs a water supply and depending on the generator location you will also need drainage.
  • Steam generators are electric and must be hard wired on a dedicated circuit. Most residential steam generators are multi voltage allowing for either a single or three phase power connection.
  • The interior walls of a steam room are finished with tiles and/or glass. Waterproofing and epoxy grout must be done for all tiled finishes.
  • The standard height of the ceiling works best at 2100mm.
  • At Sauna HQ we always install powder coated aluminium panels for the steam room ceiling.
  • An extraction fan should be installed in the area outside the steam room for the escaping steam especially with frameless glass doors.
  • Where possible suspended benches are best as it allows the steam nozzles to be positioned well away from your feet.
  • Steam room benches range between 450-600mm wide. Two tiered benches are optional in a steam room.
  • Steam room doors are either aluminium framed glass doors or frameless glass doors. The steam room door must open outwards.
  • The steam room needs a floor waste inside the room.

What is the Proccess?

  • Analysis & Design

    We look at your plans or the space for your steam room project and come up with a design to maximise seating capacity and function of the steam room. We pay importance to the steam generator location as it may determine the possible layout for the steam room.

  • Quote

    We will provide you with a fixed price written quote for your steam room installation for our works and outline any other tasks required by other trades.

  • Order

    With confirmation of your order and deposit payment we will then schedule your project for construction. The average lead time is usually 4-5 weeks for most projects.

  • Construction

    Steam Room projects involve many steps and several trades depending on the internal design. Most steam room projects take between 10-15 days. For new house builds the rough-in process needs to be completed before plastering, sometimes months before the steam room fit-out.

  • Reward Yourself

    After our installation your steam room is ready for use. Step inside and enjoy a break from tensions and stress of everyday life, just enjoy the moment of pure relaxation.

Every Sauna HQ installation includes your choice of a Helo Steam Generator which is Made in Finland

Steam Room Benefits

Steam bathing offers similar rewards to Sauna Benefits but in a different climate, high humidity and lower moderate temperatures.
In addition to the sense of wellbeing which steam bathing provides it has proven excellent therapy for certain ailments such as asthma, rheumatism, bronchitis and gout.
Steam bathing is also recommended for a smooth, soft, healthy complexion

Ceramic Tiled Steam Bath

Reward Yourself

Custom built saunas and steam rooms by Sauna HQ, create the perfect relaxation
and wellness zones in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

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